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Brando Gould

·About me
·How did I get here
·What I offer

Since I was just 10 years old, I've had a camera in hand, learning the ropes from my dad. Fast forward twenty years, and I still see the world through the lens. Now, I look through the lens to tell stories. I bring a unique experience to each and every story I capture. The art of portrait is my specialty. When I'm behind the camera, my energy truly ignites. My clients not only see their portraits in superb, clarity, quality, and focus, but feel them come alive before their eyes.

Camera Lens

How I Got Here

My dad was a photo science major in college, he even worked for the CIA helping utilize early versions of Photoshop to increase contrast in imaging in the early days of image-based computers! I have followed in his footsteps, building on the knowledge he taught me. I primarily focus on people in my work. I grew up near the white mountains of New Hampshire and love the scenic and beautiful outdoor spaces.


I have moved all over the East Coast, chasing my dreams of becoming a professional climber.  I always had my camera close by, capturing moments along the way of the people I met and the incredible places that climbing took me. Eventually, I found my way to Arlington during the pandemic and found myself settling into a quiet life in the DMV! I love being near the capitol. There is so much energy, the buzz of protests, parades, art, and poetry. I am captivated by the unfolding of this diverse country.

What I Offer

I offer an unreplaceable experience to each individual or group who books a session with me. My style of photography focuses primarily on story and takes that unique perspective to create unique and beautiful images of every person I work with. A truly collaborative effort between the subject and the photographer. We create moments that arise in a perfect balance of control and spontaneity!


·2024  Feature in CanvasRebel Magazine

·2024 - DRA Gallery - Art of Tea  *Honorable Mention*

(on display until 06/02/2024)

·2024 Show - Artomatic DC

·2023 DRA Gallery - Color of One

·2023 Student-Teacher Show - Torpedo Factory

·2023 Live Sculpting - Museum of Conteporary Art Arlington 

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